DEVELOSIGNER (n): someone who balances the art of development and design

Let others do the speaking…

“Matt is a creative-problem solver and delivers great results. I find him undaunted by the obstacles presented along the way, even when others are ready to give up! These reasons are why my firm and I hire Matt and xdot Media regularly.” -Conrad F., President of Concur New Media

“Matt is an extremely creative and team-oriented individual. His focus on the needs of internal and external customers allows him to see the bigger picture of how his work directly relates to others.” -Victoria F., HR Manager

“Matt is very detailed oriented when it comes to his work. He performs to his highest potential. Matt is very good at his staying up to date on the latest developments. If there are any problems that arise he is quick to address the situation and correct it. Matt will be a great addition to any company.” -Angelique M., Payroll Coordinator